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    Soyuz-Elektronika JSC (SEL JSC) which is a principal enterprise of holding company is one of the leading Russian producers in electronic and electrotechnical branches.

    The enterprise has a developed industrial, energy-producing and transport infrastructure.
    The company has production and designing departments, research and testing laboratories for items elaboration and production.
    SEL JSC elaborates and produces items of following technical directions:

    • different capacity generating tubes of microwave frequency range for radiolocation systems, radio- and telecommunications, radio-navigation of space and other crafts; 
    • items of technical ceramics for vacuum interrupters, insulators and packages of power semiconductor devices, night-vision devices etc.;
    • vacuum switching equipment;
    • power semiconductor devices;
    • items of refractory metals – tungsten and molybdenum (wire, rods, welding electrodes, rolled products).

    Production of Devices

    Electronical and Medical Systems JSC (SEM JSC) was founded in 1991 by leading specialists of the chair for Information and Measuring Technologies of the Novosibirsk Technical University. It belongs to HC NEVZ-Soyuz JSC. The main activities of SEM JSC is elaboration and production of following devices:

    * heat meter and water meter, controllers MSDU-1 for energy and water facilities;

    * drenching controlling plants for water flow messing;

    * module sets for constiction of cheap systems of industrial process automation, and measuring, controlling and regulating systems;

    * development, production and service of monitor systems for emergency and intensive care rooms (KARMON-01 and KARMON-CP);

    * development, production and service of diagnostic equipment for function tests (DK-01);

    * supplies of medical equipment and expendable materials (portable pule oximeters NONIN and PALCO), defibrillators and emergency stations Primedic, implant pacemakers Medtronic, disposable ECG-elctrodes Scintact.

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