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    Maintaining and expanding of stable market position on national and foreign market by means of constant quality improvement, cost minimization, delivery of production/rendering of services which fully satisfy consumers’ expectations and requirements to quality, volumes and time. 

    Ways of mission implementation and objectives achievement

    • Formation and development of nomenclature policy on the basis of market researches.
    • Constant improvement and development of scientific and industrial base by providing a close connection with fundamental science ant its scientific achievements.
    • Elaboration of production and services which would be competitive on the national and foreign market and provide constant demand and stable profit;
    •  Bringing existing quality management system in conformity with GOST R ISO 9001 - 2001. Constant improvement of quality management system.
    • Saving and development of human recourses by raising qualification level, material motivation, inner informing and social conditions providing;
    • Personal responsibility of each manager (from general director to supervisor) for the obligatory implementation of quality requirements to production and services at all stages of production activity;
    • Raising the level of industrial and corporate culture;
    • Informing and explanation of Quality policy to the executors of all levels. Introduction of modern methods of industrial process control;
    • Environment protection;
    • Introduction of constant improvement principles in all activity directions.

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