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    We offer to our consumers a wide range of goods on the basis of aluminium-oxide, forsterite, steatite, cordierite, zinc-oxide, alumino-nitride ceramics and electro porcelain corresponding to the world level.
    Ceramic production is equipped with modern manufacturing facilities of European production (firing kilns of CERIC THERMIC WISTRA, pressing machines of DORST TECHNOLOGY, dryers of NIRO ATOMIZER).

    Scope of application

    Thanks to the unique properties technical ceramics of NEVZ-Soyuz HC is successfully used in armor devices, in electrotechnical and electronic industry as insulators for electro-optical converters, fusible elements, packages of power semiconductor devices, vacuum interrupters and gas-discharge devices as well as in microwave engineering.

    Insulators for vacuum interrupters and gas-discharge devices

    Insulators for fusible elements


    Insulators for packages
    of power semiconductor devices

    Armor ceramics

    insulators for electro-optical converters




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