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    The enterprise produces a wide range of powders, wire, rods, band and foil of tungsten and molybdenum. The wire is produced in accordance with modern technology and its characteristics: structure, coiling, stability of shape, diameter uniformity, longevity and high temperature stability meet all requirements to modern materials for light engineering and electronic equipment. Precision alloys produced for electronic technology don’t have analogues in Russia.

    Scope of application


    Items of tungsten metals

    Tungsten wire
    • coil for vacuum and gas filled light sources including halogen ones;
    • details for electrovacuum and gas-discharging devices;
    • electrodes, heating elements and construction material for high-temperature and high mechanical stress  devices.
    Molybdenum wire
    • cores;
    • details of elecrovacumm devices;
    • heating elements;
    • construction material for high-temperature electronic devices;
    • material for hermetic seals.

    Molybdenum rolled products
    • cathodes for gas discharging devices;
    • screens for high-temperature furnaces;
    • heating elements.




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